Letter From The Editors

We are pleased to present our first themed issue: MONSTERS.

For us, monsters have always been a point of fascination into what is terrifying, alien, intrusive, and obscene. We love all that is monster. We love the portrayals of monsters in horror and science genres to the everyday monsters on sidewalks and subway cars, and even the monsters in the mirror. But this is not where a monster stops. A monster is a creation or a genesis that speaks of what is censored. We love these monsters the most. The monster is a body and a breath that must be heard.

Monster is the call we must answer because there is no denying the pull from what lurks beneath. In our last issue, Gesture Two, Bhanu Kapil wrote that, “To write you have to be a monster. You have to open the thing that isn’t you.” Open this book and open yourself to the beautiful monsters that follow. Think of the monster as metastasis, as a paradox, a post-body, and as a site for transformation, salvation, proclamation, and worship. There is no prescription for what a monster is or can be. A monster is becoming.

These monsters have transformed us, and we hope they will also transform you. Enjoy.

With love,

Heather Goodrich & Lindsay King-Miller, Editors



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