Tiara Roxanne

Architecture is emotional.

There are wounds in buildings. In heavy light. The evocative resides here. In the building. That begets. The building begets fragments that beget      fractures. They all bear the sickness of nostalgic. An energy that      vibrates. Stream of glow rivers through glass lies weighted saturating floorboards. Penetrated warped wooden. A closed circle. A permeation grows. The      punctum is infectious. The punctum opens wider in heaviness in illness. History says that it will not close.

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The building is built from fragments. Like pieces of wood earthen dirt worn and metal scrapping that hold up superstructure. Fragments that aren’t supposed to fracture. Must deviate storm like rain and frozen water plunging. Winter icicles sturdy until April suctioned to outlines. The fragments move disease from day to night. A sting in wood. In metal. Sometimes when the light bleeds in through window      stasis      the infection stops. Bruised energy settles in like vibrating atoms infection induced. But not dark. In a well-lit petri dish. Contiguous glow until night and the punctum      open      infection moving.      Memories fracture.

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There are scars in which doors and windows inhabit.

The wounds that ache at night breathe against wood where scarring embeds like screaming or a sharpness then dropping. Sustained vitality. A chaotic implication. The sound like mason jars falling      water full      then rolling to frame stopped water inside gushing      bubbles      and moving still. Again and again. The pattern provides truth. The sound grows louder in pattern. A crescendo. Encased and rapid. No one can hear the night terror. The building does not tell. The scars are not from scuffs from the heels of shoes when the feet would hit biting in happy in careless moves laughing. The scars leak through rooftop onto floor wood saturating then arid in broken taut. History tells more than time. The punctum is more breathing. The punctum is more breathing.



Tiara Roxanne was born in a ghost town. Tiara writes prose and poetry and engages in theory and philosophy. She obsesses over things like infrastructure and language with the interest in a discourse of somatic psychology and soundscapes, in water. She was the recipient of the Zora Neale Hurston Award at Naropa University and was featured in CA Conrad’s Jupiter 88. Tiara is now a PhD candidate at European Graduate School.


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