Though we always woke in a new city,
Redwood waited for us to plant our bottomless thoughts.
We traveled by train from Georgia to New York, Montreal, Vermont, and back.
But now we settle under blankets on the west coast,
The endlessly flowering pacific ocean and its fog like a ghost,
Greets us in the early morning.

Cause, I think, by which I ordered for them to be,
Us as redwood trees, still in the seed of the new city.
The train by which we travel, and Vermont, have it in their coats again.
I’m a computer for fun, and now living on the western sea coast,
Flowers like lilies eternal darkness greet the morning Pacific.

I think I have asked them to give us redwood seeds.
Continue to a new town with a train that goes,
To Vermont to coat them again on my computer.
Another interest now lives in the West,
Coastal States such as lilies, dark, born in the morning calm.

I think now I’m back at my computer, Lili,
Western United States before the Court.
For a new home I have to offer a dark red Vermont education,
to live reasons to believe that the day is birth.

Now we give a dark living Vermont Education reason to believe red.
I came to the U.S. to study computer west.
Behind only the first page, I think of my new house.

But to return to the darkness of reasons.
We think that the study of Chinese believe the U.S. now lives in Vermont.
The first page of the new Red Sea House.

People believe that the United States now, however,
Remains in the dark and in the new Vermont.

Now the world’s largest faith,
But obscure in the new Vermont.

Thus, a new religion, it is a threat to the world’s best.

The first danger of the world.

The risk of the First World War.



The melatonin rivers, dammed in my veins,
We squirm and stretch licking each other awake,
In the lazy kitten Sunday hours.

Melatonin is a dammed river,
You will find it writhing on the Eve,
A kitten licking himself, set in hours.

Melatonin pussy licking,
In the efforts to build a dam,
In the river waiting time.

Overtime built a sea licking.

So lick accumulation.



Berkeley’s snails all shatter beneath the shoes of the commuters,
Their guilt and oozy soles are soon forgotten and forgiven.
The rain is a short-lived baptism,
Spread upon a spiraling family crest.

Berkeley Snails are all guilty of distributing non-commuting ooze.
Some shoes soon collapsed under the family,
Based on their growth in baptism’s spiral transience.

Snails decreased rapidly from the growth of family.
Breakdown baptisms turn the coil tone shoes,
Of immigrants and the convicted.

Limit sound baptism shoes, snail family,
To the growth of the impossibility of existence.
The reduced growth of the snails,
Are a family of shoes.

Sitting growth,
Slug style shoes.

I put the shoes on shell growth.

Growth reduction of snail hosts.

To reduce the slow process of a military.


My pale fantasy:
An albino witch strips platinum robes,
On the waxing surface of the moon,
An alabaster albatross hangs from her waist,
As the bird’s ghost flaps above her head,
Flirting with its killer and kicking up the chalky dust.

Spiritual painting hanging at the waist,
Eyes on the moon of my dream dress sexy white,
Striped albatross light platinum powder chalk,
On kickoff murderer sweater face temptation head.

Respect for the right to draw on the sides of the moon,
On the dream dress striped powdery white platinum,
Albatross Chuck is the sexy killer T-shirt face of temptation.

From the view of the moon,
To mark the launch of the white striped dress shirt,
Albatross killed spindle platinum face trial.

I prefer platinum and white striped shirts,
Facing death celebrate the launch of the habit.

I want one with white stripes,
And death into the world.

I want what white people,
Are willing to die for the world.

I want a good one.

I tell him it’s fine.

It has been said that this is the end.


Brian White is a writer, living in Berkeley, California. He has a wobbly desk and a couple of sloppy manuscripts he hopes to turn into legitimate books someday. Cactus Pears was created by repeatedly modifying a stanza of poetry with a language translation algorithm. The resulting stanzas are snapshots of the disintegrating prose.