As we selected and curated pieces for this issue, we felt a recurring engagement of the phenomenology of the everyday and the processes in which we cope with the many human fragments of carelessness and residuals of carelessness—love, instinct, past selves, fragile ruptures, horrors, sight.

In our call for submissions, we used a quote from The Poetics of Space by Bachelard that became our hymn for not only this issue, but in actuality is our mission as a press & journal: We must listen to poets.

We are listening.

What we hear is a constant social growl that reverberates in our bodies. Poetry, prose, poetics, et al is inherently a political discussion. Our governed bodies are political. Some may disagree by claiming no interest or necessity in political interest. This is dangerous and untrue. Perhaps those people are the ones manipulated by ideology. Because, after all, ideology functions when it is invisible to those it controls.

This issue shows the internal and external gestures of phenomenology: the space of breath; the movements of ephemera; the witnesses and the spectators; the facades of realism; the prayers of post-somethingness; the prayers; the flaws; the threshold of consciousness.

We are listening.

Welcome to the Phenomenology issue, we hope you love it as much as we do. Enjoy.

With love,
Heather Goodrich & Brenna Lee, Editors