Resurrection Bay
Seward, AK


Beauty resurrected
a body of all-encompassing
turquoise water
to will itself to wave
shook into a mountain
jutted glaciers
melted in the morning
combined forces
trees grew
started breathing
the story of green and leaves
shaking division
emerging immersion
imminent enlightenment
puffin bird flying
human cell multiplying organism
sockeye opening surveillance wing
the ideal location to build a fort and trading post
set up otter pelt trading markets
catch deer   hatch salmon
Asian European demand satisfaction
marine settlement land staying permanent earth
Easter Sunday seventeen ninety two
sold in eighteen fifty seven
hemisphere present state united
industry and prison
white building rust fences
gas process refining
eggs and energy
three hundred inmates
time keep doing and going
floating past civilization
I am empty on a boat but for the engine’s lull and cabin’s company

And then my eyes come back to me
And then we return to the ocean
A breath underwater
Impossible silence
I am listening for the fish school swimming bubbles popping
I do not hear ping
This is the sun heating spine fluid
Burning impressions of central nervousness
I remember who I am
A strung up sequence of molecular elements perceiving differences as a
dizzying disturbance of symbols that instill stories & distract my peaceful dreaming

They say existence is suffering

The captain on the microphone announces a bald eagle sighting
Binoculars        Cameras        Flapping click
Migration to the viewing deck
Taking turns sitting on the nest
Taking turns watching the backpack
A history of coming here to Alaska for reasons
Food        Security        Inspiration
Oil           Property       Homesteading
Isolation            Community
Is it safer by yourself or more fun with others

Can wonder be owned or does it have to be let go to be made real
Can beauty be pure or is it only in relations
Where does grace come from
What is the nature of virtue

I don’t know anything without evidence
& absolute facts are boring
This I know for certain

That I have been told to believe in much and still believe strongly in nothing

The ever collapsing moment and reorganizing next one
that is forced by its conditions to become something wild
It does and I see it and I believe in it and anarchy

Coming straight up into the cliff in the cove
Drips of melted ice falling over the edge
toward vast destiny reverberation,
miles of population

Solar shadow
Soil boils to a shining
Smack of jellies
Pushed around by surrounding acquatic motion
round & round
Choicelessly compliant
Absorbing plankton as they roll

As they roll so do we
Over  view  drawing
Back & forth
Swish & swoop
Whoosh  whoosh
Thar she blows
Social growl
Share  remember
Remember the sky is blue
So is the sea
There is green inbetween
and trees and me

All these forms shape size ages
Freshness rings
Becoming their things
Things Things Things
Kerouac’s things
Buddha’s things
Death’s things
Something to play with
Something to believe in
Here is a reminder


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